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Le Reve Designs is an interior design service and showroom located in Rio Grande, New Jersey. Visit our showroom to meet with a designer and get a preview of the products we can help bring into your home. It also allows you to be an active part of the design process and even has the tools you need to take on home improvement projects yourself. 

Email us, call us, or come in whenever the showroom is open. No appointment is necessary, but we recommend one if you would like to meet with a designer. We look forward to helping make your dream home a reality.


I began designing because it's always changing: new trends, new products, new pieces of furniture, new wallpaper, new homes. There's always a new piece of inspiration and ways to update and enhance timeless style.


I love that “aha” moment when we define a style for a family. It is so rewarding to see the completed project and know how happy the client will be in their newly designed room or home. It’s amazing what a difference just a little design change can make in a person’s life.


I also love to travel. I go to tradeshows all over the world to learn about the latest trends and find the best products. I even lived in Chile for a few years.

When I am not working, I am spending time with my family.  I enjoy cooking, so most of our time is spent in the kitchen sharing stories over a good plate of a food. 

Tami Derrick, owner and interior designer
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